Uitzicht omgeving IJlst stadsaanzicht - Werf IJlst duurzame vakantiehuisjes met eigen bootje voor 2 tot 10 personen in Friesland


one of the Frisian eleven cities. Known for “Nooitgedagt”, the gardens and the “De Rat” sawmill. Live and work in an open-air museum. “De Takomst” stands in the middle of the historical IJlst. Concentrated romance between the Frisian lakes. The lively city of Sneek is nearby.

IJlst – or Drylts, as they say in Frisian – was given the status of a city in Friesland in 1268. Although many apartments were added in the post-war years, the city retained its typical silhouette on the west and north sides. That’s why IJlst is so special. Because together with Workum and Sneek, it is the only city in Friesland that has not been completely encapsulated by new development areas. If you go by boat through IJlst, you will discover the unique old town atmosphere. Authentic gardens and historic houses border directly on the waterway of the “Geeuw”. You will also see the former – completely restored – “Nooitgedagt” factory. Tools, wooden toys and ice skates were manufactured here until 1990. In 1985 the historical center of IJlst was declared a monumental city center.


De Takomst looks over the Ruterpolder, an agraic polder area of ​​150 hectares on the southwest side of the city of IJlst. Various farmers are active in the polder area. Thanks to extensive agriculture and animal husbandry, this area has remained well protected. The outstretched, open landscape has provided a nutritious living environment for various animal species, such as willow birds, deer and the Frisian red-colored cow, for hundreds of years. The Ruterpolder is enclosed by the Frisian waterways.

Supermarket and other shops and restaurants

The supermarket is a 300 meters walk. The baker is at the bridge over the Geau. Otherwise, IJlst has a city inn, a pizzeria, a clothing store, a bike shop (with bike rental!), a few hairdressers and a museum with a tourist information centre.

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