Terms and conditions

Terms and condition of Werf IJlst, the Sinnehúskes, or the Takomst

  1. Everything in the Sinnehúskes of WERF IJLST is designed for a comfortable stay for two (Sinnehúskes 1+2) or four (Sinnehúskes 3+4) people. Receiving and lodging family members, friends, or (un)known individuals in the Sinnehúskes is explicitly not allowed.
  2. Everything in De Takomst is designed for a comfortable stay for up to 10 people. Receiving and lodging family members, friends, or (un)known individuals in De Takomst is explicitly not allowed. 2. For safety and hygiene reasons, pets are not allowed in the accommodations.
  3. Clean bed, bath, and kitchen linen are provided upon arrival.
  4. The rented house is delivered clean at the start of the rental. The renter is responsible for returning the house tidied. This means that the dishes are done and the whole gives a tidy impression. If the apartment is not delivered according to these guidelines to the satisfaction of the manager, a charge of EUR 65.00 will be made, being the cost of tidying up.
  5. Cleaning can be done in between for a price of EUR 30.00 per person. For that amount, the beds are also changed, and new bath linen is provided.
  6. An extra set of bath linen can be obtained on request for EUR 15.00 per set.
  7. Included in rentals between April 1 and November 1 is the rental of an electrically powered motorboat.
  8. The boat must always be moored in the designated place, such that it is securely fastened and cannot drift away or be used by others. (Always take keys when not in use).
  9. The boat can be sailed at cruising speed for a maximum of 7 hours. This is generally sufficient to make carefree day trips. The renter declares to take this into account when planning the route. If the renter has not taken this into account and the boat has insufficient battery capacity to return to IJlst on the way, the provided phone number must be called. In that case, the boat with the renter will be picked up. Extra costs will be charged for this. The costs amount to EUR 150.00 per pickup. The renter will pay this upon pickup.
  10. Staying in the houses and using the boat is entirely at one’s own risk. Any damage to the house, the interior, or items that belong to the house or boat, caused by the renter, will be charged to the renter. The boats are insured with third-party liability insurance that covers damage caused to others. The deductible is EUR 350.00, equal to the amount of the deposit.
  11. Professionals have made the Sinnehúskes and De Takomst as comfortable and safe as possible with the best materials. However, the renter is asked to consider the peace and privacy of the neighbors.
  12. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the rented properties (including terrace or garden) and on the boat. The use of open fire, barbecues, and burning candles is also not allowed.
  13. If the rules are not followed, the lessor reserves the right to ask the renter to leave the rented property immediately, without being obliged to refund the paid rental fees.
  14. Payment and cancellation terms: We kindly request you to transfer 50% of the rental sum within five days after your booking. The remaining payment is due no later than six weeks before the arrival date. For short-term bookings – six weeks or shorter before the rental period – the entire rental sum must be transferred within five working days. For very short-term bookings (shorter than 10 days before the start of the rental period), the entire rental sum must be transferred via urgent transfer. The amount must be on our account at least three days before the start of the rental period. In case of cancellation up to six weeks before the reserved date, we charge 50% of the rental sum.
    In case of cancellation between six and three weeks before the reserved date, you pay 70% of the rental sum, after which no refund will be made. We advise you to take out cancellation insurance with your insurer.

Werf IJlst is part of AB Kwadraat. We are registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 53115139.

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